Pronunciation Practice

One area in ESL / EFL that sometimes needs practice is pronunciation. And pronunciation is NOT always easy!

Throughout my daily lessons, I would touch on pronunciation by romanizing words that students may be having troubles with.

For example:

Penguin [pang-gwin]

I would write the brackets with the sounds that students are familiar with. It’s a shame English isn’t one of those language where it is always read how it’s spelt / spelled. 😉

Some words to try:

Because [beecuz]

Choir [kwahyer]

Talked (or most -ed words!) [tockt]

Business [bizniss]

Film [film] NOT FILLUM

Jewelry [joowelree]

It isn’t hard to incorporate this into your readings, when speaking, or discussing vocabulary words. This will also encourage students not to rely on Korean for English pronunciation. Students sometimes write the Korean ‘sounds’ for English words but Korean ≠ English and English ≠ Korean. Hopefully romanizing with English sounds and letters will reiterate that you cannot take a foreign language and substitute it with the native language all the time (note: all the time; there will be times of course).