What Is Genre?


For each level, genre is mentioned when starting the ‘Get to Know Your Book’ part happens. This is at the beginning of Immersion to get students thinking about their text and what kind of text it is. There are several ways to approach this mini-lesson on teaching genre.

  1. Make a mind map of ‘types / styles of books’. This could include action, romance, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, etc. Although students will not have had read the book at this point, they could make their guesses based on the cover, title, etc. It doesn’t have to be 100% correct. More ideas is better than no ideas. Students could also revisit this page after reading the book and see if they agree with their genre ideas.
  2. Have students get into pairs or groups and assign a genre to each pair / group. They have to draw and/or write words about what the genre is. Students can present their ideas to the class and discuss each genre.
  3. Some Youtube links could help students to think about types of genres. Genres 1. Genres 2.

Fiction vs Nonfiction

Another idea for branching off of genre is to discuss the difference between fiction and nonfiction. You could have students get into teams and play a ‘buzzer‘ type game where students will have to guess if it is fiction or nonfiction.

Fiction / Nonfiction song

Fiction vs Nonfiction Buzzer Game PDF