Label the Sea Creatures

Label the Sea Creatures

Here is a more hands-on activity where students can cut and paste labels and place them onto the sea creatures.

Answer Key:

Turtle: tail, shell, legs

Jellyfish: bell, tentacles

Crab: legs, claw

Fish: tail, scales, eye

Seahorse: tail, snout


Stretch a Sentence

Stretch a Sentence

Stretch a sentence is as great way to expand on those very boring, simple sentences that need more details. Great for Level 1 and Level 2-1 especially (could be used for upper levels as well).

First, start out with a subject: The girl

Doing what? The girl ran

When? The girl ran this morning

Where? The girl ran this morning at the gym

Why? The girl ran this morning at the gym because she woke up early.

Feel free to modify and edit in any way necessary for your class. Some ideas to get started for subject, verb, and where could include…

Who: The girl, boy, mom, cat, grandma, superhero, fish, child, umpire, swimmer, etc.

Doing what: running, kicking, laughing, smelling, falling, listening, watching, etc.

Where: at the beach, office, park, swimming pool, garden, concert, bank, post office, etc.

Feel free to print the PDF for your classroom.