Some days are slower than others, but some days can be the perfect day where everything goes smoothly, everyone is comprehending well, and good behavior is at a high! But then that means there might be some extra time left over. Here are some extras just in case they are needed!

GoNoodleClick Here!

GoNoodle is a great resource for getting kids moving and interacting with silly games, songs, and the option to ‘Level Up’ a GoNoodle character. Log in is required.


Madlibs for Kids – Click here!

Here is a kid-friendly resource for making a fun story using parts of speech. Students can practice with noun, adverb, adjective, etc. while creating a one-of-a-kind story.



Summer Word Searches – See Below!

From easy to hard, here are some summer word searches to help with spelling, recognizing words within a theme, and possibly new vocabulary. There is also an interactive online word search for the whole class (Flash required).

Easy     Medium     Hard     Super Hard

Online Very Easy      Online Easy      Online Medium


Teacher’s Pay TeachersClick Here!

TPT is the perfect resource for extra lessons, worksheets, strategies, and more! Click on ‘categories’ and choose ‘free’ to find some great freebies. Other materials require payment.